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Diwali 2014

For a new committee, the greatest and most important event is Diwali. Not only does it represent a religious and cultural importance but provides a way for the Executive Committee to say thank you to all its SKLPC WA members. Planning commenced almost immediately after the Annual General Meeting and as the previous Executive committee members

experienced, Navratri and Diwali a few weeks apart leaves no time for rest for them or our volunteers. As planning goes, the executive committee believed it were important to take on board previous comments and suggestions for the event planning, as well as introducing new concepts and ideas.

The Diwali event took place at the Vasto Club, on the 1st November 2014. As always it got off to a very early start as food preparations had to commence on time, to ensure all our community members enjoyed a fabulous dinner in the evening. This was achieved through the hard work and dedication of our community volunteers, taking time out of their valuable weekends to contribute to a significant part of the occasion.

The morning of the event was a beautiful sight. Enthusiastic children and adults arrived clutching their boards and art materials all set to create their wonderful display of colourful rangoli designs to compete in the well-known
rangoli competition. In the meantime one of our more experienced members created a welcoming rangoli design for display in the foyer.

On arrival guests were personally greeted with a smile by the President and Youth committee offering a sweet of welcome.

This year the rangoli were arranged a little differently to form a spectacular display in the centre of the hall as an eye-catching welcome for our members, which almost everyone took time to admire. Simultaneously dinner was being served by our volunteer’s team in the dining hall and the main hall projected the highlights of the day and raffle prizes on offer that evening.

The main event took off with a welcome speech given by Vinodbhai our President, the singing of the Indian and Australian national anthems and a minutes silence for the loved ones that had passed away.

Then came the performances, the audience was clearly unprepared for what they were about to see. The show this year consisted of 9 acts mainly dances with the exception of one playing the Bansuri. They all bursted colour and sound and no doubt took everyone’s breath away. It was clear to see that our talented participants had worked hard to perform such polished acts. Without these acts there is no show!

Between the performances, the audience waited in anticipation, in the hope of winning some of the delightful prizes donated by our generous sponsors. As the tickets were drawn, everyone waited in suspense and frantically checked their tickets in hope that they held the winning number.

The MC’s throughout the evening not only did a marvellous job of keeping the crowd amused, but also went that extra mile interacting with the crowd, and requested parent’s shed light on their efforts involved in the behind the scene preparations and energy invested in the performances that were observed on the night.

Educational awards were presented soon after to acknowledge a number of academic achievers and congratulate them on their successes. Well done to all!

Drawing towards the end of the evening we were treated to some unexpected performances, which were given a standing ovation. The MC himself couldn’t resist getting into the act! What exuberant entertainment.
Finally the show was closed by the speeches from some of the executive committee members who kindly acknowledged the sponsors and all those who had contributed to the success of the event.