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Kids Sports Carnival 2014

A buzzing crowd of one hundred energetic children and adults blanketed Mawson Park in Hillary’s on Sunday 2nd March to par-ticipate in the first SKLPC Kids Sports Carnival. Enthusiastic participants dressed, hair-sprayed and tattooed in a riot of colours  gathered, eagerly awaiting instructions from the chief event coordinator as to how they could score for GOLD.   

 The Purpose of the event was to bring together the younger generation in a fun and interactive environment to engage in a range of physical activities.  Seven strong teams were formed, each competing for the top spot.


Team Participants

Overall Score


South Africa Dayan Raghvani (Team Lead), Dhiyan Jesani, Tarun Bechar, Rhysa Kerai, Aryan Patel, Rhea Kerai, Nihal Karsan 373 1 (Gold)
Canada Vinay Vekaria (Team Lead), Dhiya Gorasia, Dhruv Patel, Dilan Dabasia, Deyen Vaghjiani, Kushal Patel, Kaia Vaghjiani 351 2 (Silver)
Brazil Khashvi Vaghjiani (Team Lead), Kia Mepani, Shreya Hirani, Aaron Bechar, Niam Gami, Milan Raghavani, Naiya Gami, Hemini Karsan 329 3 (Bronze)
Japan Khyal Patel (Team Lead), Milan Bechar, Ishika Senghani, Shayna Jesani, Simran Patel, Pranay Ladhani, Khushal Ladhani 324 4
Australia Vinay Raghvani (Team Lead), Dhil Gorasia, Shania Gopal, Prehna Kerai, Rishi Varsani, Aria Kanbi, Aryshae Kanbi, Aryan Pindolia 298 5
France Jenna Patel (Team Lead), Eesha Pindoriya, Dylan Vekaria, Shailan Dungar, Shaun Dungar, Kush Vekaria, Nikki Varsani, Viyan Varsani 298 6
Ireland Taran Gorasia (Team Lead), Niam Mepani, Janaki Valji, Kyle Patel, Keeya Kerai, Rishi Valji, Krish Ladhani 273 7

With the mercury approaching 30 degrees, the games commenced with a twist! Excited participants danced, cart-wheeled and chanted their way to their first station to begin scoring in the initial round of the games.  Brazil impressed with their conga and limbo and all other teams were just as innovative gaining bonus points as they progressed.

During the games, initially the Australian contingent proved to be the loudest, providing encouragement and demonstrating com-petitive spirit.  Full bonus points were awarded to Japan soon after, when one moment of inspiration resulted in a high pitched scream, totally overshadowing the Australians.

Events included modified shot-put, javelin, high jump, long jump and baton relays to mention a few.  There were many highlights to the day and the Earth Ball and Parachute activities proved to be a highly entertaining favourite.  

The morning was rounded off with participation awards and medals.  Everyone stood in suspense prior to the winners being an-nounced.  The result was in the hands of one person only.....a secret from all!  A collective roar rose up from the crowd and South Africa rose to claim their medals for top spot!  Brazil and Canada came in behind due to their expertise in the javelin, taking bronze and silver.

The event overall was well received.  Adults also had a fantastic time and spirits were high, calling for similar sporting events to be coordinated in future……SO WATCH THIS SPACE!

As always, an event such as this requires many hands to ensure its success.  A special thank you to all the Station Masters (Kayal Mepani, Roshni Patel, Kusil Vaghjiani, Tia Pindoriya, Dhaval Vaghjiani, Nehal Vaghjiani, Nisha Vaghjiani, Nisha Patel and Dina Pa-tel),  Nikita Patel for your fantastic photos, SKLPC WA Samaj for the sponsoring of the event and SKLPC Cricket club for use of their equipment. 

We welcome all feedback to ensure next year’s occasion is bigger and better.