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Ayurvedic Medical Seminar - Dr. Poornima Krishnamurthy

REPORT (Photos)

A large audience on a rainy Tuesday night greeted Dr. Krishnamurthy, a really good indicator how important a better understanding of this subject is to our community.

Not personally knowing much about Diabetes, I was genuinely amazed how simple the physiology is to understand but oh how so complex the reality is to manage. What made this really interesting for attendees was not what those and their families who have or live with Diabetes already know, but how so much of it is gleaned from the internet, genuine and rumoured with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Dr. Krishnamurthy discussed the key areas around this and how this is so often and incorrectly approached by the world at large in reverse order;
  1. De-Stress
  2. Diet
  3. Exercise
  4. Drugs and Medical intervention
Dr. Krishnamurthy emphasized how one standard shoe sized treatment that affected individuals hear or read about DOES NOT fit all. Everyone's needs vary according to a myriad of factors such as the job you do, the activities you participate in and your individual metabolism as well as the amount of free time you have, the food you eat, the food everyone else in your family eats, the cultural background you come and mentally your hopes, aspirations, stresses and concerns in your own family...and much much more.

The presentation probed areas generally overlooked when working and living with diabetics such as the impact of time and stress when cooking meals for diabetic and non-diabetic family members and how meal planning could be harmonised to simplify matters whilst pleasing everyone and not making family individuals feel like they're being singled out and stressing them out even further.

Dr. Krishnamurthy happened to mention that nowhere in medical literature is it stated that Diabetics aren't allowed to eat sugar. This raised a few eyebrows and a hushed murmur amongst the attendees. What she went on to emphasize is how a balanced lifestyle can be achieved by learning 'what' to eat, 'how' to eat and 'when' to eat and that sadly is something we've still not mastered, just like our indifference in 'how' to breathe, which also happens to be a core aspect of Ayurvedic Yoga and Wellness.

"Whatever can be eaten raw, don't cook. Whatever has to be cooked, don't fry. Whatever has to be fried, don't eat."

There was so much presented I could still go on, but a look through the presentation slides (if they become available I'll post a link here) is definitely recommended if you get a chance.

Report and Photos: Sheetal Patel


: 6.45pm for start at 7.00pm sharp on 7th April 2015

Where: Warradale Club Room, Warradale Community Centre, Southmead Drive, Landsdale, 6065

RSVP: None! Just turn up on the night.

This seminar will be presented by Dr. Poornima Krishnamurthy (Director of Prajna Kuteera Ayurveda Centre, Mysore, India) to explain Ayurvedic medicine in relation to the role of lifestyle & diet in the management of diabetes.

7.00pm Presentation
8.00pm Q & A
8.30pm Close

Please join us if you can and find out more about the real benefits of traditional treatments for this modern and widespread illness.

YouTube Profile: Dr. Poornima Krishnamurthy