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Navratri 2014

Navratri is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga. The word Navratri means 'nine nights' in Sanskrit, nava meaning nine and ratri meaning nights. During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Shakti/Devi are worshiped. The tenth day is commonly referred to as Vijayadashami or "Dussehra". Navratri is an important major festival and is celebrated all over India.

Four weeks prior to the Navratri festival SKLPC WA were approached by GSWA with a proposal to hold a joint Navratri event for 2014.

SKLPC WA executive committee believed strongly that Navratri was an important time for all our people as well those from the wider Gujarati community. In addition there was much to be gained in the building of the relationship with GSWA. Prior to accepting the proposal, GSWA were well on their way with planning and organisation of various aspects of the event such as sourcing of the venue, sound system and music groups. Taking all the above into consideration and after much deliberation, it was decided to pursue the joint venture.

The event took place at the Herb Graham recreation centre in Mirrabooka and ran over the first two weekends in October. Saturday nights were the busiest nights as expected, with many purchasing tickets at the door. It was great to see lots of people from a Non-Indian ethnicity who were there to either try the dishes, curious about all the fuss or simply wanted to move like Jagger.

As usual, public demand expected SKLPC to provide food over the four days and the fantastic catering team delivered! As you walked along the foyer to the main hall, immediate attention was bought to the posters which described the food available that evening.

SKLPC WA’s community are outstanding in bringing people together to “get a job done”. Their dedication and hardwork on this occasion in the catering space lead to the creation of a delicious array of dishes such as dabeli, the ever popular maru bhajia and to wash all the tasty snacks down some faluda (with extra ice cream) which went down a treat!

As with any event we knew we were going to be faced with a few challenges. A major contributor was the reality of other Navratri events taking place simultaneously. This resulted in lower than anticipated ticket sales. Overall however, SKLPC WA and GSWA came together as a united team. They were encouraged by the positive energy, motivation and support that our people provided. Our uniqueness is our strength with the added dedication to work hard during these events.

Relationships were built upon, lessons were learned and feedback taken on board to ensure future events are even better.

On behalf of the committee we would like to say a warm thanks to everyone who had volunteered, large or small for their time and for their involvement and willingness to take on the completion of activities essential in creating the
wonderful event! Awesome work!