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Soccer 2014

After the success of last years’ inaugural SKLPWA indoor soccer tournament, a second one was held on the 7th September 2014. In addition to the categories implemented last year, a new category of over 35’s men was introduced.

The tournament was played with great sportsmanship without compromising the competitive nature required to make it a success.

Under 13 Boys

The under 13 boys showcased some very impressive soccer as they tried to replicate their heroes Ronaldo, Rooney and Messi, leaving the crowd in moments of awe. The Skillaroos proved to be too strong for their opponents and continued their momentum from last year winning their division. A special mention to Vinay Patel for receiving the most valuable player award.

Winners: Skillaroos Left to Right: Vinay Raghvani, Dayan Raghwani, Ayush Dabasia, Vinay Patel, Shaylan Devshi, Ronak Ratna and Dayan Bhudia.
Runners Up: SKLPCC Left to Right: Vinay Vekaria, Dylan Vekaria, Aryan Varsani and Shaneal Vekaria

Over 16's Girls

The female Over 16’s played out an aggregate style final which was decided by a penalty shootout. With both teams having
previously represented the Kanbiroos name, the squad was divided as some of the girls formed their own team under the Sussex name making the encounter a fiery one. The Kanbiroos better handled the pressure of a penalty shootout and took the trophy for a second year running. Their captain, Rashna Patel won her second consecutive most valuable player award.

Winners: Kanbiroos Left to Right: Sona Vekaria, Janki Raghwani, Roshni Naran, Meera Hirani, Roshni Amba and Morlee Vekaria
Runners Up: Sussex Left to Right: Parisha Rabadia, Vanessa Bhudia, Nisha Patel, Anaiya Dabasia, Nandani Patel, Davina Rabadia and Shivani Patel

Over 35's Boys

The new division, Over 35’s men, proved to be a success with a lot of the older men showing they still have the ability to take on players. With Sussex, Titan and JRP Automotive entering teams into the competition. In the final, Titan proved to be too strong for Sussex. Jitendra Patel went on to win the most valuable player award.

Winners: Titan Ford Left to Right: Prakash Varsani, Govind Varsani, Ramesh Bhudia, Harish Bhudia, and Dinesh Kanbi
Runners Up: Sussex Left to Right: Ritesh Patel, Pravin Vekaria, Sheetal Patel, Samji Harsiani, and Jitendra Patel

17-35's Boys

The Men’s 17-35’s category attracted the largest number of teams last year and it was no different this year. Kanbiroos submitted 3 teams and Sussex entered 2 teams with SKLPCCWA making up the draw. Two of the Kanbiroos teams made the grand final for the second consecutive year. The game was won by Kanbiroos Red with Neraj Vekaria’s strike proving to be the difference. Dilan Patel was judged the most valuable player and his strike from his own half in the semi-final with 3 seconds to go was one of the goals of the tournament.

Winners: Kanbiroos Red Left to Right: Dilan Patel, Bishen Patel, Neraj Vekaria, Jetan Hirani and Sunny Naran
Runners Up: Kanbiroos Gold Left to Right: Jayesh Halai, Jaymie Kerai, Sunil Jeshani, Sunit Jeshani, Deevan Jeshani, Chandan Gorasia, and Pavan Gopal

A special mention to Varsani and Associates for being the platinum sponsor and to JRP, Sussex Industries and Skynet sounds for their support. Also a big thank you to all the other volunteers who contributed to making this day a success.