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History of our Samaj in Western Australia

The migration of our community to WA started in 1985 when Mr Subash Meghani moved to Perth with his family from the United Kingdom. After a space of ten years, community members and students started to arrive in numbers from East Africa, India and the United Kingdom.

The community’s first Diwali function was held on Sunday 8 November 1998.  This historical function was attended by 11 families.  Several functions took place over the next few years as more of our community migrated to Perth.

In 2002 a meeting was held to elect a special committee to look into formalising the organisation.  This was instigated with the intent to host annual sports festivals and invite overseas teams to participate. In promoting Perth, this also helped make the wider community aware of potential opportunities here.

Shree Kutchi Leva Patel Community WA (Samaj) was inaugurated on 29 June 2003 and first General Meeting was held to elect the Executive Committee. 

As at end of 2014, it is estimated that our community consist of approximately 1500 Kanbis and constitute one of the major Gujarati communities in Western Australia.