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Samaj and the Cricket Club

The information presented on this page has been provided to;
  1. help readers understand the relationship between Shree Kutch Leva Patel Cricket Club WA ('Cricket Club') and Shree Kutchi Leva Patel Community WA (Samaj) ('Samaj').
  2. help clarify any misunderstandings amongst Samaj Members.
  3. help Samaj Members make informed decisions.

The core eligibility criteria set out in the Constitution of the Samaj required that Members to belong to the Shree Kutchi Leva Patel community. However, in view of the need for the Cricket Club to be able to invite players from outside the community to play for them and for the Club to be able to celebrate their success, a Memorandum of Understanding (also known as 'MOU') between the Cricket Club and Samaj was proposed by the sitting Samaj Executive Committee in 2010. The MOU broadly describes how the two organizations will work and support one another whilst advancing their individual disciplines and objectives. The MOU was presented to and approved by Samaj Members in the 2010/11 membership period. 

It is clear that the Cricket Club is a different organisation compared with Samaj, however as the Cricket Club is predominantly Kanbi, the Samaj Members have chosen to regard the Cricket Club as an affiliate of the Samaj. From an operational standpoint, the MOU sets out the framework within which the parties will collaborate. As Samaj is a Not For Profit organisation (and not a Charity), as far as jointly hosted fundraising events are concerned, to avoid any confusion why funds are being raised, by who and for whom, the two organizations will pay special attention and adopt clear co-hosting advertising and communication messages. This will help to ensure that Samaj Members are clearly aware of the separation of financial concerns and interests when deciding to what and when they would like to donate.