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Why SKLPC WA Tutoring?

  • The team includes experienced and qualified teaching staff delivering high quality intensive sessions. 
  • Small classes enabling our tutors to monitor students’ progress easily.
  • Close attention to ensure students are comfortable and learning to the best of their ability.
  • Community, as well as, cultural events are planned throughout the school year for a chance for the students to interact with their peers outside of the classroom.


English, Maths and Science
Sundays 9am to 11am

Woodvale Secondary College
110 Woodvale Drive
Woodvale WA 6026
(Use Service Entrance B)

Where are we?

Management Team

Head of Tutoring: Bhavesh Rabadia
Deputy Head: Dipak Raghvani
Secretary of Tutoring: Jamini Halai

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Who are we?

SKLPC tutoring provides an opportunity for students within the community to receive additional educational support outside of school. The service is run by a dedicated team of qualified tutors with a range of educational backgrounds, professions and experience in tutoring. Our vision is to provide core education and mentorship for young members of our community, and ultimately enable the potential of the next generation.

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Quiz Night 2017

On the 1st of December 2017 , the SKLPC WA Tutoring Services hosted their very first Quiz Night with a Jamaican twist. Fifteen extremely well-dressed teams gathered at Warwick Community Centre on a Friday night to challenge their minds and prove themselves as the rightful winner of the SKLPC Quiz Night Trophy!

Any quiz night would not be complete without a couple of wacky hosts, we were lucky enough to blessed with the presence of two attractive quizmasters all the way from Jamaica, Ernie and Bernie! The duo did not fail to entertain the crowd as they tackled 8 brain-tickling rounds. Each round was based around a specific theme including a Reverse Songs round, Guess the Movie Dialogue Round, Name that Place Round, a Kid’s Round, a 90’s Round and of course the Grand Finale was the Reggae Round.

Round after round teams enthusiastically whined their bodies, gangam-styled and boxed their way up to the stage to submit their answer sheets to the official game masters. But there was one other thing on their mind apart from the winning prize and that, of course, was food.

“Da Caribbean Shack” offered a variety of Spicy Rasta snacks including Smokey Jalapeno Poppers, Tomato and Black Bean Sliders, Tasty Cheese and Pineapple sticks, topped off with a Mango and Lime Mousse and Pina Colada Cupcakes.

With bellies full and brains hurting, we ended the night announcing our lucky winners “The Dreads” and our losers “One Love”

On the 10th of April 2016, the SKLPC WA Tutoring group, including tutors, students and their families, took part in our very first tribal “Survivor Challenge”. It was a fun filled afternoon with students and families gathering on the playing field at Woodvale Secondary School shortly after a regular Sunday tutoring session. However, with a forecast of cloud and rain, we weren’t feeling too optimistic. 

Soon after teams were formed by the all powerful Tribal Chief and each team came up with a punchy tribe name and enthusiastic cheer for everyone to see, the sun came out from behind the looming clouds and we knew we were in for a fantastic day. There was only one thing that could’ve changed our luck: team spirit. 

No doubt the competitiveness and cheering erupted as teams took part in 3 big challenges: the bamboo ball relay, where team members were required to transport a small ball in a tube of bamboo around an obstacle course without dropping it, flip the island, where teams had to flip a large piece of cloth without even a single member stepping off it, the frozen tee challenge where teams were asked to defrost a frozen tee-shirt and put it on one of their players.
Last but not least was the general knowledge knockout. As the Science, Maths and English questions became increasingly difficult, teams began to drop one by one, leaving the winning team standing. Congratulations to the champions: the orange dragons and the Purple Penguins and Blue Sharks coming in close second and third.

After all that excitement and energy, we looked forward to a lovely lunch prepared earlier by the students’ parents, with some of the tasty bites on the menu including chutney and cheese toasted sandwiches, potato salad and wraps. Safe to say it was exactly what the tribes needed to refuel.   
The event was a huge success and with over 60 participants, it is by far the biggest tutoring event the SKLPC WA Tutoring group have organized. Thanks to all the students, parents and tutors for bringing all that positive energy and team spirit, and to every single person who was involved in putting together this brilliant afternoon. 

We would also like to thank everyone that has been a part of our first fruitful term of 2016 at SKLPC WA tutoring.  Stay tuned for more updates on our progress throughout the year including upcoming events!