Youth Wing

About Us

The Youth Wing (YW) started up 3 years ago with the main objective to unite the youth in our community. Perth has quite a big community and at times it is hard for the youth to extend their network of friends outside of their normal friend circles. The YW has allowed the Samaj to cater events specifically for the young age ranges so that they can get together on a regular basis.

The YW is a sub committee of the main Samaj. As we are part the main Samaj, we come under the main Samaj constitution and closely work with the main Samaj's Executive committee.

Some of the events we have carried out over the years include:
- Fun and games nights
- Dinner and Dances
- Youth camp
- Networking afternoon

Last year the YW started up a weekly tutoring service for primary and high school students. It is run solely by members of the youth and has helped bridge the gap between the younger and older ages of the youth.

The youth wing also helps the main committee in events for the wider community such as navratri, diwali etc.

Upcoming Events

Youth Wing - Game Night Halloween Edition
31st October 2015

Youth Commitee 2015/16

President Rahi Varsani
Vice-President Janki Raghwani
Secretary Mahesh Raghvani
Treasurer Shaylee Vekaria
Media Officer Morlee Vekaria      
Head of Tutoring Kirti Lalji
Secretary of Tutoring
Hiral Vara  
Funds Manager of Tutoring
Dipak Raghvani  
General Members
Rohit Amba      
Rilesh Lalji
Harshita Rabadia               

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