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Samaj Mission Statement

To provide an opportunity to develop social values for the benefit of society through education, culture, sports and social activities” Core Values:

  • Culture – Develop and maintain the underlying values of Indian Gujarati Culture

  • Respect – For each other, Compassion and understanding of of the diversity around us

  • Integrity – Accountability in all activities and interactions with honesty

  • Community – Participating and contributing as citizens in the wider community

  • Communication – Encourage effective interchange of thoughts, opinions, ideas and information amongst community members and others around us.

Did You Know?

“Samaj” definition: From the Sanskrit word samaja, sam (= together) + ajati (= he drives)
(source: Merriam Webster)

Welcome to our vibrant community! Within our Samaj, we share more than just a heritage – it’s a bond that ignites a sense of belonging and pride in being part of the Kanbi family.

Throughout history, our community has faced challenges head-on, from droughts to health crises and limited opportunities. Yet, we’ve persevered, ensuring the well-being of our families and paving the way for future generations across the globe.

Our journey has seen us evolve from agriculturalists and manual laborers to skilled tradespeople and entrepreneurs. It’s a testament to our resilience and determination.

Education has always been a cornerstone for us, thanks to the dedication of our parents. Today, we proudly see professionals from various industries making their mark, showcasing the fruit of our collective labor.

Together, we continue to build upon this strong foundation, nurturing our heritage and fostering a spirit of unity and progress. Join us as we celebrate our past, embrace our present, and shape a bright future for generations to come.

We are one people, one Samaj, with a goal to empower our community to thrive.
Let’s continue to strive and uphold a strong community spirit…

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